Restore cbu backup file problem.

I am new to Comodo Backup. I just had HD crash. On the new HD afterWiindows XP SP3, Comodo, etc. installed cbu file (“Home Backup.cbu”) on ext. HD was able to restore some of the data, however after 20 mins. or so, get window: “Please provide path for chunk: Home Backup_2.cbu.” Only choice is “OK” & clicking that makes the restore go back to the starting point/window. Program shows the names of all the files, but only restores a small number of them.
version = 2.2.127000.12
updateDate = 2010_01_07
I have tried restoring to sep. folder, not default location, using “Clean Restore”, then

I did another backup of a few files then restored it & it worked fine.
This data is quite important to me, any suggestions on resolving this?

Further Info:
Error Code is 67. I see that means specified file not found. Does that mean the backed up file in the .cbu file is damaged/corrupted if other files in there did restore?
(the names of all the files do appear when selecting what to restore.)
Any way around this? Specifically I am trying to restore a Quickbooks 2009 company file.


If you chose to split the backup files at X Megabytes, you must make sure that all files from that backup are in the same folder when restoring.
Please try to verify the backup by pressing “Verify” in restore step 2.



I have the same problem.

I did not split backup files. I have a single backup file.

What am I supposed to do when the pop up window appears and says, “Please provide path for chunk: filename.cbu”?

The message SEEMS to indicate that I should chose a location.

But am I choosing the location where the backup should be restored FROM–which I already chose when I started the restore?

Am I choosing a location where the restore should now switch to–because I already chose the default location to restore to.

This message is confusing.

If I select the cbu file it tells me a restore is already in process.

If I select a new file location it tells me that it’s an invalid loation.


I backed up all my VERY IMPORTANT TO ME documents and re-installed Windows 7.

I relied on Comodo to help me save my files.

Now I cannot get past 15% when I try to restore.

Please help me Comodo.

That is a request for support three days ago.

Dear Comodo “Support,” when people use your software to backup their important files they really, really depend on the files to be restored.



The message “Please provide path for chunk: filename.cbu” means that the user must browse and manually select the next backup split or chunk.
Please provide us with a screenshot when you are receiving this message.

Thank you for your feedback!