Restore auto reboot

I’m using Comodo backup to backup/restore my remote server It requires to press any key to reboot after finishing restoration.
I would like to automatically reboot after some seconds because I can’t access the server physically.
Is there anyway to do this?


Thank you for the feedback.
We will add this feature in the next release.

Can’t say fairer than that, same day reply with a note of action, that is why I truely love these forums which Comodo provides us. As I know they truely listen!


In the interim, you could create a script that contains just the line “shutdown -r -t 120”, and select this script to run after the backup has completed. “shutdown” performs an orderly shutdown, “-r” forces a restart of the system and “-t 120” this introduces a 120 second delay to the shutdown to allow for any background disk activity to complete.

Hope this helps,

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no, if you need to restore drive C:, you should reboot to restore.
So, it will restore your partition before Window starts, at that step, you need to press any key to reboot.
This action is not in Windows.

Correct - I should have been more explicit in my post.

If he is doing a drive or partition restore you’re correct. But if he is doing a data restore, then the workaround could work if done within Windows.

Ewen :slight_smile: