Restore As function

The ‘submit’ function introduced in CIS AV from quarantine is a very good move. However, I have never been able to submit files using this feature and always have to restore it and then sent the files. This is a bit risky and tedious mainly because I have to either turn off CIS AV (completely depending on defense+), so that it does not alert the file and also when there are many files, after restoring from quarantine and I will have enable ‘show operating system’ ‘hidden files’ and ‘display contents from system folders’ (as todays viruses hide in all possible ways) and trace the file manually, before I can submit the file using the web interface.

Here again the web interface sometimes tells me that it cannot upload files with 0 bytes, when actually the viruses are of say 14 kb and all. In such circumstances I have to zip it to upload. So the whole process becomes tedious.

Further, sometimes these are catched from others pen drives and I will not have access to it once the work for which it was given to me is over.

So, I think a feature of ‘restore as’ from quarantine with two options - default being regular restore and second - restore in a zipped folder would help those who want to help comodo a bit. Not to add that the ‘restore as’ function should trigger the ‘browse’ function of explorer seeking where to restore it, so that it original place will not have to be traced manually

This would enable the user to delete those against which a malware defintion is allotted by CIS and only upload the ‘heuristic viruses’ for adding defintion.

(Hopefully, I conveyed that I want a ‘restore as’ function with two buttons).