restore and backup

i cleaned the registry with comodo registry cleaner except the unsafe entries. 2 weeks completed. no problem. the hp problem arised when i restarted the system but the system took care of it. i mean an installer appeared, configured some files related to hp automatically and disappeared. after that no probs.

i just want to clear the points------

  1. restore ---- it means if i restore the system through restore point in windows i will lose everything i installed and saved after that restore point.

  2. backup in comodo registry cleaner (comodo system cleaner) ------ it means only the deleted entries will be restored and any other things will not be affected.

m i right. please clear the points frds.


Yes, and Yes you are right…



I ran a regitry clean last night and the system took a backup before the registry was cleaned but afterwards my machine will not log onto the internet and just hangs…
Therefore how to i resore my machine to before the registry was cleaned please?
The utilities shows me where the bkp file is located so do i just copy to the run window and execute??

Thanks in advance for your time and help…


If your referring to CSC, just go to the Reg Cleaner module, then choose Backup, and double click on the file that you want to restore.

Hello and HELP!!!
I am not replying to the previous questions but trying to get my own question answered but cant figure out how to post where! I have never used this site before so am very confused by it.
Having done a disk clean on the free version, I instructed it to remove the files but then realised there were some files in my recycle bin I wanted but they were gone.
Is there any way I can access & restore them, having not done a back-up before I started?
I have not yet restarted my computer.