Restarting Update Software Download From Breakoff Point

First off let me say that I am still in the 20th C. with a lot of other people who do not have a cable connection. yep, that’s right I have Mister Reliable, a dial-up connection.

I have tried to update the Comodo software, not anti-virus definitions, three (3) times and each time I have been dropped before the download could finish.

The frustrating part is that each time I have tried to re-download the updates the file starts from the very beginning with 1%, 2%, 3%, etc.; and this after I have downloaded 45% and 56% of the file.

I find it difficult to believe that this problem exists for a company that has the reputation that I heard about before I picked and installed its software; but either I am barking up the wrong tree or oversights do happen.

+1 for users with slower internet connections.

You can pause downloads using Firefox.
But I don’t think you can upgrade over existing installation, or can you? (Can anyone confirm this?)