Restarting: Forever and Ever

Hi, it’s not really asking me to restart, but, well I’ve attached the per application screenshot (Alt + Print Screen).
COMODO Antivirus needs to restart your computer in order to complete the removal process.
Would you like to Restart your computer now?
|Yes| |No|

If I choose Yes, it looks like it’ll restart but somehow unable to terminate the process cfp.exe(I think this is Comodo)
And, surprisingly another exact dialog box appeared with the same message, same title, same buttons , same… color, same… (enough, right?)
I choose No, and it appeared again.
it appeared again and I choose yes, nothing happened
it appeared again, I move it to right most side (I mean over there -->), run Task Manager(don’t know why but I CAN open) choose restart from the menu, and finally it restarted.

After restarting, I got the same dialog box, I choose no, and another no, and drag it there →
I open Comodo > Antivirus > something about quarantine and remove all of it and clicking no on ‘that’ dialog and still looping.
I saw the log file and… OMG full of Symantec (I guess Symantec move the virus to %homedrive%\documents and settings\all users\application data\Symantec\Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition\7.5
and somewhere around there). I used Symantec, Comodo, and PCMav+ClamAV

  1. 64 bit
  2. Windows XP x64 SP 2
  3. Comodo (AV Firewall), Symantec Antivirus, PCMAV+CLAMAV Double Engine
  4. Described above, this may reproduce it:
    install Symantec Antivirus, Full Scan using Symantec and Comodo at the same time.
  5. Described above
  6. Defense+ Inactive, Firewall Safe Mode
  7. Manual Restart
  8. Administrator account