I’ve just installed CPF on my laptop having had it on my main PC for a few weeks now.
Both systems won’t restart when told to, they shut down instead.
The main PC is W2K SP4 and displays the “It is now safe to switch off screen”.
The laptop is XP Home and completely switches off.

I’ve a ticket going for the main PC and just informed Comodo about the laptop as well.

What I’d like to know is, am I the only one? I don’t see any one else complaining of this issue which is weird if I’ve 2 computers that do it (yes it must be me!).


I’ve had this problem, on and off, for years. It believe it is a W2k issue.

No, restarting was fine up until the installation of CPF. If I disable the cmdagent service, reboot then try to restart it works, on both machines, so it is entirely down to CPF I’m afraid. :cry:


If you say. But, as I said, I have had the problem for years. Way before I’d even heard of CPF. I was previously running SPF Pro. When I first encountered the problem, I searched the web & it did seem to be a problem that was specific to W2k (with no known resolution… other than a complete wipe & re-install of W2k… which didn’t work for me). I tried, as you suggested, disabling CPFs CmdAgent. But, this didn’t make any difference for me. It still sat there with its “safe to shutdown” message (forcing me to manually press & hold the power button to actually get the system to power down).