Restart The Whole INTERNET is it POSSIBLE? would it HELP?

One think I love Comodo, It’s great everyone knows that and everyone SHould know that and if they dont that’s sad, but Would it be possible to Shut down the whole Internet for one day and erase all those bad websites /fake/virus/trojan infected websites and create a company who Monitors and controls the internet??? Just an Dream I had Last night Idk if its possible,

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The best way to COMPLETELY ‘shutdown’ your Internet is to un-plug the Internet cable ;D
That way, nothing comes in or out.


I ment Restart The TEchnological internet it’s self

personally I don’t want any company or person, other than myself, telling me what website I can or cannot go to. I want to be able to make those decisions for myself. For example, OF COURSE, I never go to keygen or ■■■■■ websites, because they are full of viruses and trojans, but, if I had excellent virus protection, a browser other than IE and a good firewall, I can CHOSE to go to that site and know I’d be safe doing so. When it’s up to someone else to make those choices for us, what we gain in security, we lose much more in freedom.


(woo hoo, my first post, and it’s a political doozy!)

lol I ment you know how you go too goggle or when missspell something or Phish Websites, and fraud websites I ment take those off and I mean monitor the Websites like for missing Links to False Advertisement and Dangerous Malware to Small little cookie that hangs around all the time, I ment that way and they scann with their custom scann to find these and make it like Sunday where it scanns the website’s and help the other companies like google all the way to youtube or what ever for security and MAke sure that thier Website is authentic

Hi CPGMaster,

The thought is a great idea ;D, the implication…imposability ;).

In a recent report it is estimated that 30,000 mallicious web sites are introduced each day :o…

One reason is that hackers are increasingly turning away from e-mail as their preferred method of spreading malware and putting their focus on the malicious Web site. In some cases, they’re creating their own malicious Web sites, but in most cases they’re hacking into legitimate sites and embedding malware into them.

According to Sophos…

But just to let u know George Lucas drempt up STAR WARS in one night and look how that ended up…lol

Cheers Novie :■■■■

Thanks lol
maybe I might wanna ask few Tech Experts That I dont know mentally and Technologily

Interesting question, as I read in the last couple of moths a report of a project done at (I believe) the US government’s behest) that reported on how to make the Internet secure. Sorry, don’t ask which site, I read it, smiled, and passed on.

Their conclusion was that it would have to be redesigned, shut down, and rebuilt using later technology. ie all the worldwide investment in high speed routers and cable would be junk, a lot of the user software would have to be reprogrammed, etc etc etc.

To a large extent I agree with Russell. The new and redesigend Internet would be like saying to your government that they could put roadblocks on both ends of your street and check anybody coming in or out (with full body search!), and check every book shop you went into and the books you bought (in case there was “terrorist” material in them), and put a spycam in your john, bathroom, and bedroom to make sure you weren’t being attacked. And it wouldn’t stop there, that would be the beginning.

Like No thanks pal, I’ll take my own risks!


Well, I’ll state this Categorically right now…


Obviously you don’t realize the implications of this, or the unstructured format of the Internet. It’s not stored on a couple of machines that you could “reboot”, the Internet is millions upon millions of interconnected, widely seperated, and independant machines. About the only way you could Shut down the Internet would be to turn off the power to the entire world all at once…

While the main DNS is on 13 backbone servers, there are hundreds of thousands of upper level servers that look after that before it gets to the backbone, and another few hundred thousand above those, and probably a few million above those. And even if you could turn off the backbone servers, while it would cause tremendous disruption, you still wouldn’t “Turn Off” the Internet.

Now, think of all the Power Grids, Nuclear Power Facilities, Word Banking, Air Traffic, Weather…etc…basically everything these days, that depends on the Internet. You would now cause all this to go down, probably resulting in millions of people dying…and all to get rid of some spyware sites…?

Does it seem worth it now? (even if it were possible)


the human race did still manage to survive without the internet.
Isnt it amazing what technological advances come along and make you stand back and say.
“How did we ever manage without it.”

considering egypt shutdown the internet for their area i would say it’s not impossible. how they did it i’m not sure but i would say the easiest way would be to take over the isp’s and make them cut connections.

the probability for the internet to be shutdown all over the world would have to be a mutual agreement between all the world governments or for one or multiple ones to gain so much power that they make all others shut it down.