Does anyone know anything about restart_helper.exe?
I get frequent Comodo Firewall alerts from it trying to connect to the internet.
The destination IP is
If I click the file properties link I get an error message saying Windows cannot access the specified device, path … You may not have permission …
The path is C:\Temp\CMC_DRAGON\restart_helper.exe
The info I find on the internet is: “restart_helper.exe belong to Comodo Dragon module developed by COMODO. It restarts Comodo Dragon after successfully installed update.” I didn’t notice a restart and why would it stay there and why would it want to connect to the internet?
It is also worth noting that I do not have Comodo Dragon, only the free Comodo Firewall, which is up to date.

I am suspicious. I allowed it once or twice but now I’m blocking it. I haven’t made a rule yet. I’m tempted to delete it.
I’m on Windows 7.

Hi A.v.d.M,
The file in question is for when Dragon updates, but it now also used for Comodo Message Center checks when Dragon is installed.
I am not sure why it is on your system with only the Firewall installed. ???

Thanks. This helped me sort the problem out. Comodo Dragon was not properly uninstalled from the time it had been tried. Revo Uninstaller has sorted out the problem for me.

I could find nothing on about restart_helper.exe.

You know, I’ve always thought it a serious problem with most software installations - that one is seldom informed during installation of the internet connections that will be made or attempted by the software or by related components. It would be nice, helpful, respectful and admirable if Comodo led the way with adding information to this effect during the installation of its apps.

Many thanks

Good to hear that the problem is sorted A.v.d.M. :-TU

I agree some extra documentation about it would have been helpful. :slight_smile:
The restart_helper.exe file had a lot of us concerned for awhile.
It was originally only used for relaunching Dragon after an update, then it was suddenly unknowingly used for CMC checks when CMC was added to Dragon.

Note: CMC was only added to Dragon with this latest release V29.1, so over the next few releases I would personally expect the documentation and functionality of it to be improved.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your help!