Restart after MS "Patch Tuesday" - Preferences back to default??

Coincidence or not?
Firewall is disabled anyway but after restart we now have traffic animation and Message Centre re-enabled.
Is this a known bug?

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I’ve updated a couple of different PCs and the disabled preferences have remained disabled, so I’m guessing it’s a coincidence. Probably worth waiting to see what others say.

I have had several times after restartin my machine (latest today after Windows update) CIS to “forget” my settings. It asks again about programs to be allowed to the internet (although rules are alredy there) and it restricts application already markes as safe. Restorin my system to an earlier restorepoint with Comodo Time machine repairs this.
Today after restore I ran Windows update manially and after rebooting everything was ok. Thak God there is Comodo Time Machine! And what a pity it is now discontinued. Nothing can replace it!