Response time extremely slow on Dual Core machine? [RESOLVED]

What I mean is when I click on “Accept” button when I select any options (Be it “Allow”, “Treat this application as…”), the firewall doesn’t seem to pass my permission/decision on to the application (it seems to just “hang” there), and the application will simply error out (time out, permission error, etc)… I’m thinking that this is a dual core problem because on the single core AMD machine, there’s no such problem! The choices I make a reflected immediately and the applications runs as smooth as butter.

Another point is that whenever I press on the Accept button, and I try to right click on COMODO’s tray icon, it takes forever for the menu to show up (I’m assuming because COMODO is in the middle of transfering my decision of allowing the application to run to the application)…

Is this normal for a dual core machine because of how the cores operate (seperate cores to run separate threads, etc.)? Or is this a problem on my end…?

Some machine specs:
Windows XP Pro 2
COMODO Firewall version
Intel Core 2 Duo T5470 1.6Ghz

If there’s anything I should provide, just let me know :). And thanks in advance to anyone who can help me on this issue :P.

Hi Triple_Dude. Welcome to the forums!

Can you try Comodo Internet Security 3.5 please.

It’s an RC & Update of CFP Uninstall CFP 3 and download & install CIS 3.5, But install “COMODO Firewall” only if you wish and see how things go. Alot of bug fixes in CIS too.


Thanks for the reply 3xist :).

Just before I go ahead and uninstall my current install, I want to make sure that when I uninstall Comodo 3 and then install CIS 3.5, will my settings and policies for all my applications will be preserved?

First go to miscellaneous → manage my configurations → export

then uninstall CFP and reinstall CIS, then later add the rules again


Thanks :). Uninstalling now… Let’s hope CIS 3.5 fixes this problem for me!

Keep us tuned :slight_smile:


Wow, the bug is fixed! Sweet ;D!

So, when is a non-RC/Beta version going to be released ???

Great news!

Hopefully in a few weeks. And I will now close this thread. :wink: