Resources for learning VBS

In my current work, I am doing a lot with spreadsheets; while I’m adding vast amounts of skill to my already superlative repetoire, ;D it would greatly help me if I could create some custom commands, such as through macros.

I understand that the macros are basically just VBS, but I don’t know squiddly-dot about that… The closest thing to coding that I’ve ever done was in Basic, well over 20 years ago. And I can plainly see that writing VBS is very different. :smiley: Are there any easy to understand resources for learning such things?

Ewen, Rotty, I’m relying on you here… I’ve looked at various Excel-specific forums discussing using macros, but that really doesn’t provide me the tools I need to learn how to use it myself, in my specific circumstances.



I develop a lot of microsoft access databases and learnt quite a bit about macros, visual basic etc from these sites:

Maybe you can find something useful on these sites.


TNX, Anderow ~ I appreciate the links!


Attached zip file contains a spreadsheet that contains some visual basic code that calculates barcode check digits. Might be interesting or useful to someone and illustrates how vb can be useful in excel. Macros must be enabled for the code to work.


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Following are some links to useful sites on excel and VBA for excel.

This is a good book for excel users who want to learn VBA (don’t be insulted by the title):


Hey, that’s ME! ;D

I think the “Dummy” books have capitalized on a great marketing strategy. Back in high school my friends and I were big into VW Bugs, and the “Idiot” book for that was like the bible to us. That thing rocked!

Thanks a lot; I’ll probably end up getting it (or something very similar); that’s probably going to be the best way for me to learn what I need/want to know.


That and lots of headaches and sleepless nights.