(resolved) what this process is unnamed?

what this process is unnamed?
that risk is to the PC?

Are there any unsafe processes if you look under the system tab?

If so what are they?


no dangerous processes, I scan the pc with malwarebytes CIS and nothing was found, so I asked.
sorry my english

Is it connecting back to your PC under the remote address? If not having the IP that it is connecting to might help in finding out exactly what it is.

apparently the connection was between the pc, ie, without another external IP.
and one more question because the CIS does not show us the same connections that appear in CCE?

They should be the same if you have a connection showing in CIS then the network side of CCE should also show that connection.

However upon doing some research into this matter I am also showing an unnamed process in killswitch when it is open and running when I compared the process to my CIS active connections the unnamed process is actually killswitch. One other thing that I see is that killswitch resolves IPs into their domain names when possible where CIS only shows IPs I have attached a screen shot of killswitch unnamed process and the one of CIS for killswith’s connections

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thanks !