[RESOLVED]Watch out for Katharine??? The "comodo employee"??

Today i got a PM from a member named Katharine claiming to be from comodo…

When checking his/her profile https://forums.comodo.com/profiles/katharine-u61102.html I see that this person don’t have the status “Global Moderator” as comodo employees usually have, but rather “newbie”…

I would suggest anyone who has gotten a PM from this person to not answerer and absolutely not give out address and such unless we can be confident this person really is a comodo employee…

All that really points to that this person works for comodo is the fact he/she changed the logo to “comodo employee”… however don’t let this fool you… Anyone can confirm Katharine really works for comodo?? =S

Maby Iam just being paranoid. :o :o

But when people want to know personal stuff its better to be on the safe side I believe… =O

Monkey Boy,

Good to be a bit paranoid but in this case i can confirm she’s real :-TU
Was she asking you out for a date :wink:

Ahh unfortunately not… Ok thanks for confirmation… :-TU :-TU

Sorry Katharine… =P If you read this and as you probably are aware, safety goes first here at comodo… ;D ;D

Maybe you could change the subject a bit, or put [RESOLVED] behind it…

Done =)

Hm, I saw more “Newbies” from the Comodo staff in the last few weeks and I’m quite happy about this development. It’s nice to know, that more Comodo members care about our problems and wishes.

!ot! Katharine?? Sounds female ;D Maybe someone should PM Ganda… ;D

You’re soooo late :smiley:

!ot! Whooops, somehow I must have missed this! Thanks for the hint, I should have done a search before posting and not after reading your answer…

Her name is exactly the same with my xxxxxxxxxxxxgirl friend’s name.

She’s beautiful. ;D

but i never got any PM from kat

…i’m listening 88)

Don’t worry, it was “behind closed doors”. :P0l

But you really thought it had been possible to keep her as a secret to the Ganda? :smiley:

Sorry Ganda, maybe she’s too shy - or maybe there’s a really jealous boyfriend and she fears for your safety if she’d dare to PM you…

Ok, I see - Ganda sees everything :wink:

Katherine’s avatar should have told you who she is: It is the Comodo Staff avatar, I helped her set it up.


yeah yeah, you’re her knight in shining armor, got it 88) we’re all impressed 88)

Please don’t talk to my present girl friend…
She’s gonna kill me.
I told her " you are my first love".