[Resolved]Warning display truncated and file name cutoff

When I get a warning message, like a heuristic detection, the message box is truncated on the right side, cutting off the file name. The box cannot be resized. CIS is the only program that exhibits this behavior. Is there a setting I’ve missed?

Running windows xp pro SP3 with large size fonts 120dpi and CIS 5.3. Samsung monitor at native resolution 1920x1080. Nvidia driver on Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+

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Can you show a screenshot of the alert?

Hello Beachwalker;

Once you post the screenshot; we may see exactly; but from what I am recieving from your post I believe if you hover your mouse cursor of the file name the tooltip will be displayed showing the full file path (Make sure the alert window is active)

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Thankfully, these heuristic alerts don’t appear too often, but I was able to duplicate the issue with a paused manual scan. You can see the cutoff file name and time code. Hovering has no effect. thanks, (see attachment)

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I see. The box is too small for the path and that is almost always the case. However it should show when hovering over the path though.

Do you use changed Windows themes as can be had by using programs like Windows Blinds or others? If so, when you disable that does the path show when hovering over it?

Sorry for the delay…yes, the filename does expand when you hover over it. I was looking for a way to expand the box, but that will work. Thanks.

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