[RESOLVED] update notification

I’m being notified of an update. When I went to the download page, the version it offers is v48.0.0.1 - which is what I have installed - and when I click ‘download’ in the update-bar, it downloads, and then the ‘download’ button disappears leaving only the ‘cancel’ button.

When I look in the %TEMP% folder, I see an IceDragonSetup.exe and IceDragon_version.inf. The inf contents reflect v48.0.0.2, but the hash for the Setup.exe file is identical to v48.0.0.1


UPDATE: I just downloaded the currently hosted installer from the download site - since I didn’t check the hash of the file I originally downloaded - and not only does it now have a different size, the hash is different from that of v48.0.0.1, but the balloon tip when mouse-over the installer reflects v48.0.0.2

So I’d hazard a guess that the installer that downloads from the update-bar, now, wold be a good version too.

Per v48.0.0.2 release notes: fixed startup crash caused by Websense (Windows only).

Performed the in-place upgrade by running the installer; the download thingy always fails; the download thingy intends to makes use of thingies my PIII 1400-S CPU can’t do, i.e., SSIMD+

Nevertheless, and that notwithstanding, it completed the update successfully and restored the session in existance when I terminated the process and all 731 tabs that were ‘registered’ - tabs being only ‘loaded’ when launched per about:config parameer - in the restored session.

That being said, I will let you know about the first prollem I encounter with the new release and demand a solution forthwith.