[Resolved] Unrecognized Files and Trusted files Lookup and whitelisting

I have looked around and couldn’t seem to find an answer:

If I place files into the Trusted Files area are they still analyzed and then removed when found safe as in the way that Unrecognized Files are? (At least this is what I believe happens with unrecognized files when found safe)

I like the idea of having no custom list of files that “I think” are safe, I would rather have them found as safe by Comodo.


When you throw a file into the “Trusted Files” list , Defense+ Will see that application as trusted; If you throw a file into the “Unrecognized Files” list, Defense+/AV will analyze and also be sent to CAMAS for Analysis, and If found safe it will be then moved to ‘trusted files’ and if not you’ll be alerted to either quarantine the item or remove it; etc

Trusted files List is basically for those who know for a fact that a app is safe, even if found suspicious by CAVS or Defense+ etc; (Developers New Software, Unpopular software)

Did this help?


Great, thanks again!

Your Welcome