[RESOLVED] Unclassified Malware[at]4241393. What is this?

I did a full scan today and found this.

1) What kind of malware is this and what should i do?

2) Can it be a F/P?

Found in C:\Program\SystemRequirementsLab\ and the file is SystemSRL.dll.

As far as i know is that this site is okey.

System Requirements Lab / Can You Run It?



/ linux

malware on linux? impossible! (=

Well i have the same reallife name as the creator, thats all. Win XP SP3 user :slight_smile:


File SystemSRL.dll received on 01.30.2009 12:49:08 (CET) Current status: finished Result: 1/39 (2.56%)

Only Comodo says: Unclassified Malware

So its probably a false positive?

/ linux

definitely FP : )

Please visit this link;

Okey that sounds great :smiley:

Okey done, i have sent the file.

/ linux

Hi linux,

False Positive has been fixed . You can verify with DB version ‘959’

Thanks for Reporting.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks :slight_smile:

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