[Resolved]unblocking a site

hi guys ive used CIS for quite a long time now and have recommended to everyone who asks :wink:

since updating to version 5.0.163652.1142 there are some filesharing sites a just cant get to without disabling the firewall

the sites in question are hotfile and filesonic

i cant see anything in any of the logs saying its blocking but as stated above turning the firewall off allows me to reach the sites

if anyone can help me out would be a big help

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums! :slight_smile:

This one way to solve your problem.

Determine what ip addresses those websites have by using urlvoid and add them in global rules. If you need help how to add them there just tell me and I will help you :).

Take care.

Valentin N

cheers for the reply m8 i tried it but didnt work
i even tried just adding rules to alow anything through at the top and bottom of the list still no go

ive just found out if i uncheck block fragmented ip datagrams the sites work fine

so will turning that off affect how safe my computer is as it says This option must not be disabled unless necessary

do you have any loss packages? try to ping in cmd for instance the website that you want and make sure that you don’t have windows firewall on.

Valentin N

windows firewall if off and heres my pings
top one is with the block fragmented ip datagrams turned on


ive found with it turned on it will get to the site but takes ages
and without it on its instant

so the problem is sovled?

Valentin N

yes its fixed but only with block fragmented ip datagrams turned off

guess ill just leave it turned off

cheers for your help m8

It’s good to see that you have found a solution and I have read on the online help site and it’s okey if you leave it disabled. Normally this doesn’t have any impact.

Valentin N

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you are sailing smooth through the vast ocean of the net!