[Resolved] Trying to restore disk with Comodo Backup v2.2 [Resolved]

I have a CBU file, 50 gb big, that is a disk backup of a laptop system disk. How do I restore this? When I try to restore, it tells me the file must be local. So I move it local, then it tells me the file can’t be on the same drive. Makes sense.

So, I take laptop hard drive, and install it into my desktop. It then has 3 drives installed. Comodo can see all three drives in the ‘backup’ section. But, when I choose to restore the file (which is of Disk0), no matter how I configure the three drives on my desktop it only sees the system drive. It can see it as Disk0, or Disk1 depending on configuration, but never sees the other two drives to restore the image to. What gives? The disk backup is 50gb, but the disks I am trying to restore to are both 120gb. I believe the disk backup is from a drive that originally was 250gb, but am not sure. Is it possible that the the disk backup file contains the information about the full size of that original drive, even though it is a 50gb file?

How can I restore this disk? Or, is there any way to open this CBU file and get files from it?

The restore destination disk must have at least as many GB as the original one had.
At this moment you cannot open CBU file to get files from it, but the next release will bring the possibility to mount the backup as virtual disk and browse the content of the backup.


Thanks, that was indeed the issue. Although the file was only 50 GB, it was a much larger drive that had been backed up. So, I had to clear out a bigger drive to be able to restore it.