[Resolved] Tricky Hard Drive Problem

I have a problem that has me puzzled.

A few months ago I installed a slave HD with Linux and had a dual boot with XP. Everything worked fine for quite a while until the Linux HD became corrupted and windows could not read it any more. I think windows put or tried to put some file like system volume information on it and I could no longer use it. So it has been sitting idle for quite a while now. Yesterday I decided to physically remove the Linux HD, but when I did and adjusted my bios accordingly, all I got on my box was a BSOD. I readjusted my bios and nothing I did would allow me to boot windows until I re-installed the Linux HD. In the bios it is not active now but my XP does not boot without the drive physically installed.

I welcome any suggestions or thoughts that you have on this.


I can’t tell you how to solve this, but I bet it has to do with the boot menu.

If you installed Ubuntu then you probably got the Grub booter thing.

Grub is a tricky thing, a heck of alot of documentation on it at Ubuntu’s KB. If you write code you can probably deal with it. I myself simply gave up and reinstalled windows to get rid of the Grub.

Good luck.

GRUB is still looking for the second hard drive. That’s why it’s hanging on boot attempt.


Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I will try the suggestions in the link and let you know.


Ok here’s what worked for me:

I tried the suggestions to remove grub from my bootup. From the recovery console I first tried fixboot C: it didn’t work. Then tried fixmbr and that didn’t work. I then tried bootcfg /rebuild and that also did not work. With the Slave drive out I still got the same BSOD and no bootup into windows. With the drive in, even with it disable in the bios, windows worked fine.

So from my XP install disc I did a windows repair. I guess windows must have been broken somehow, because everything works now as it should.

Thanks for all who read this and couldn’t help and for panic and Sandwater who gave suggestions.

I will make this a resolved issue.