[Resolved]Spybot S&D (TeaTimer) + Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware + CIS - Too much?

I don’t know if this is the proper sub-forum for posting this type of thread, I’m sure a mod will be kind enough to move it if it isn’t. I just need a serious opinion on the combination of these three active protections. Is it an overkill?

Hello hauzer;

Quick question; Whats your configuration of CIS?
AV/Defense+/Sandbox/Firewall All Enabled?

If so; then i would suggest not running teatimer; and if Malwarebytes is realtime i would disable that as well but if they (Spybot/Malwarebytes) are on-demand scanners then you should be ok!

Hope this helps


Spybot is an on-demand scanner, but tea timer is an active monitor.

It’s been years since I used Spybot, but from what I recall of tea timer, Defense+ does everything tea timer does and more.

You are right about that


If it is so, then I shall disable both Malwarebytes and S&D TeaTimer. Thanks for the opinions.

If you are using Pro version of MBAM - yes, you should disable real-time scanning and use it for manual scanning. S&D isn’t needed at all - you can uninstall it completely.

I just wanted to echo what others have said about Spybot. I use Spybot on a very random basis, always on-the-fly (never running 24/7), and only on the very rare occasion that I (ahem) have instructed Comodo to allow a, shall we say, not 100% kosher program to run . . . and need to clean up the nasty it deposited in my OS directories. This is very rare, but Spybot is invaluable for performing deep, forensic-level cleaning on previously-authorized installs.


I will keep S&D anyway.


that is not a proble,

Any other questions/issues?


I mean I will keep it as an on-demand cleaning tool, not as a preventive one.
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Ok :slight_smile: that is fine

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