[Resolved] Small problem with virus alert popup

You can not get the full path to the file in question the pop-up just lists it as:

c:\program files\subirectory1\sub…

as the window cuts it off, and before i can make a good decision as to allow or clean it I need to know what the file is. This time it happened in my blizzard folder and with the advent of cataclysm it’s possible to get a few false positives.

Hello mortismorte;

If you hover your mouse over the path; a tooltip should popup and display the full path…

Does this work?


No, it didn’t work even tried to click or highlight it like you can in some programs to scroll it, but no go there either.

Is it possible for you to provide screen of what you are seeing?

Grrr, it’s no longer necessary and I feel like an idiot, um gotta make sure the window has focus before the tooltip text pops up. That’s why it wasn’t working right. Sorry for any troubles.

No Worries :slight_smile:

Hope you have a Happy New Year!