[Resolved] Skinning COMODO


I’ve seen many skins/themes available for COMODO, but none of them works with COMODO 3.5 (at least no for me)…

How to get them work, or where to get a new skin for new COMODO

ps. Windows sucks :slight_smile:

Have you tried this:

Take any visual style (*.msstyle) and rename it as .theme, then put it in the proper Comodo folder?


Ps. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I know no other program than SkinStudio to do that and the last thing for me to do is to pay from a program…


You don’t have to resave it, just rename it in Windows Explorer. :wink:

If you show all extensions in Windows Explorer (Tools → Folder Options → View → Make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” is unchecked) you can easily rename any file.


Thanks, once again I have learned somehing new about Windows.

If someone want’s my Mac OS X Leopard skin, see the end of this message.

Still looking for linux-one :S

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Can someone help me out here ? :-\ :cry:

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I too copied all .msstyle themes to Comodo CIS Themes directory, then renamed them .theme. Cannot use them. Even tried removing the CFP.Theme file. I get the same screen shots as shown above by Commodus.
what gives?

COMODO’s Hero (:SHY) …

Anyways, you need to put the -name-.theme file to C:\Program Flies\COMODO\themes
and select the file from COMODO
(MISCELLANEOUS → Settings → Themes → TA-DAA!) :slight_smile:

Hehe, usually I’m the one who knows more than Windows than Windows users themselves

TA-DAA no go ! ;D CIS doesn’t show any themes, except the default one :slight_smile: See my pics.


  1. it is named as .theme

  2. you are running COMODO 3.5.57173.439?

  3. my skin works? (in that case, your skin is not valid :O)

  4. you have the former skin on it’s location

  5. the skin is at blah blah…COMODO/themes

  6. you have not deleted or modified the “ResFiles” folder from your AppData

  7. you have not deleted cfpres.dll

= Your skin is not valid, if those do not work

It seems only XP themes work :-TD

I’ve only tried on XP so I don’t know for Vista.

Restarting the CIS GUI, will that help? Just shut down and start CIS again.


Nope. That doesn’t work. Well I’m trying a bunch of XP themes, renaming .msstyles to .theme’s. looking for a pretty red or red/black or red/black/white ;D

If you’re in Vista (I know you are) I guess you’re restricted to Vista skins. 88)


No. I can use XP skins on COMODO :-TU But now I have to find a good one :slight_smile: Any suggestions ? ;D

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I’m afraid I have no suggestions, as the skins I’ve tried doesn’t really look good in CIS. :-\


So I figured. ;D But still I’m trying to make it look better :slight_smile: Now every app on my comp is free :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Commodus. I just got back on. Intrepid must be an XP user with no insight about Vista.
[to intrepid] please note even experienced users run into problems. This board is to provide support for all who need it, by any and all that can and wish to help.
I will suggest you keep crude remarks to yourself and please abide by the board rules. Thank you.

Just a note: “Comodo’s Hero” title just means that you have posted a lot. Someone could have almost no computer eXPerience (hey, someone changed my name! >:(. Step forward or I’ll change it back again!) and just post a lot, and become a “Comodo’s Hero” (and even if they hated Comodo). :wink:

And yes, I’ve learned the hard way that even (semi?-)experienced users can run into (or make) big problems. :-\

And to all of you who are sad about skins: I don’t care how my PC looks, as long as it works. :smiley:

It’s your opinion Jeremy.

Anyway, I think I found a perfect skin, even have the glass effect 8) And only 928 kb :slight_smile:

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