[Resolved]open ftp server port

My box is windows 7 x64 and installed cis 2012 and filezilla ftp server.

I have set up as this.

at firewall - application network access control - ftp server port ( destination port 21) + port sets ( ftp server single port 21)

But I could not log in this ftp server with office pc installed cis 2012 also.

Please let me know what am I wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Depending on the configuration of your firewall global rules, you may need to open a port to allow inbound traffic, this is in addition to the firewall application rule for the filezilla process.

Go to - Firewall/Network Security Policy/Global rules

Add a rule:

Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP
Direction - In
Source Address - Use whatever is appropriate
Destination Address - Use ANY or the MAC address of the FTP server
Source Port - ANY
Destination Port - The port used by the FTP server (21)


Thanks for reply.

However still I could not connect ftp server with local pc.

does your modem have a NAT? if it does you will have to port forward port 21 same with your router.


Yeah I opened all ports with DMZ function.

Have you checked the firewall logs for any related events? Perhaps you could post images of the rules you’ve created (application and global) along with any log entries.

Photos are here.

Are you attempting to access the ftp server from another PC on the LAN, or from a remote location. If remote, you’ll need the Global rule I mentioned earlier. If local, please check the firewall logs and post anything related.

Thanks! solved with the Global rule I.