[Resolved] Need advise on CIS complete free version

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I’m helping out with a hearing impair computer who already has Comodo Firewall and he been using it for a very long time and no problems with it, okay on his spare laptop computer using comodo firewall free version and he wanted to un-installed his current AV (AVG) and he wanted to install Comodo AV without removing the Comodo Free firewall software.

Can the Comodo standalone AV current version installed next to Comodo FW v5.0.162636.1135 yes or no, otherwise I may have backup his comobo settings and remove Comodo FW then install the complete CIS free I just wanted to confirm this issue before I start.

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Hey SpeedyPC:)

I am running Win 7

I think it is possible to add the CAV. That you do through Control Panel —> remove a program —> now here needs to search for Comodo Internet securyity and click on it. After that you click on add/change. Here you have both the CAV and CF marked. Before you give this tip controll that’s correct. I will try it now on my virtual machine, just for you :slight_smile:

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Valentin N

you dont have to install the “standalone antivirus installer”.

like valentin said, you can add this feature with the existing installation by “change” in the described place.

(windows xp path is) start— programs and standards----comodo firewall----change

then the installer windows will appear again. if you remove a mark, you UNINSTALL a feature. dont forget that!

btw, its allways a good idea to save the comodo setting anyway. but make sure that there are no mistakes in this saved setting, as you will use it as a backup.

COMODO CIS COMPLETE is not the free version!

I’m sure he was talking about CIS Complete as in AV/FW/D+ not the actual Software CIS Complete.

But Yes Both Posts above are correct!

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Sorry all the Comodo FW version only doesn’t have the start— programs and standards—comodo firewall—change it not available in the Comodo Firewall as in FW/D+ I’ve already checked that.

So I have to download the CIS Complete as in AV/FW/D+.

Start > Run > Appwiz.cpl
look for CIS


(Between Ctrl and alt on the bottom left side of your keyboard) Press Window Key and R then type in appwiz.cpl
look for CIS

Then Change > (Select Both Tick Box’s) > Next to follow onscreen instructions

hope this helps

If not you may continue to download the package


Jacob you’re my KING! :-TU thanks for this trick, how safe is it when doing the change by adding Comodo AV right next to the Firewall version after AVG is fully removed I’ve backup the Comodo settings just in chase it might get ■■■■■■■.

I’m a bit worried about damaging his laptop computer his doesn’t have a backup software yet so I’m installing the EASEUS Todo Backup 1.1 EaseUS Todo Backup - Home Backup Solutions for Data/Files/OS/Devices. which it very good and also the Comodo file name completely different for example

cispremium_installer_x86.exe = CIS Complete as in AV/FW/D+

cfw_installer_x86.exe = CFw Complete as in FW/D+

Are they both complete the same software as a Premium CIS Complete as in AV/FW/D+ I just a bit confused :-\

I did as you said and I saw the Comodo AV in the change section to allow to include the AV along side.

Thank you

You shouldn’t have any problems by adding the AV to the firewall installation.

Both installers have the entire suite, they just have slightly different install scripts. I don’t know why you need these though since you’re installing the AV from within your current installation.

Did it work?

It’s safe to do so,
Just create a restore point; Start > Programs > acc. > system tools > system restore > Create > Name it something you’ll remember example : “Installed CIS”

Once done, go ahead and continue with the installation of AV Component.

No, cfw_installer_x86.exe is just the Firewall and Defense with a option to install geekbuddy
cispremium_installer_x86.exe is Both AV and Firewall and Defense with a option to install geekbuddy

Hope this helps

Yes it did work I’m backup now before I removed AVG just in case before I include the add-on Comodo AV without removing the Comodo FW ;D :-TU

Thats great to hear!

Any other related issues at the moment?


I can assure you that cfw_installer_x86.exe does indeed contain the AV. About two weeks ago a user was saying when he installed this version, the firewall wanted to download another 100+MB of data. So I tried it. No further downloads. Then I used the Add and Remove components function to install the AV.

I’ll go ahead and close the thread;

HeffeD is Correct!
It’s just when you download the ‘firewall only’ version the installer ‘hides’ the option to install the AV until installed and then will be shown in the Add/Remove Compnents
Same with the “Antivirus Only”, the installer ‘hides’ the option to install the Firewall until installed and then will be shown in the Add/Remove Compnents

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