[Resolved] [Merged] Update 6.1.275152.2801 to 6.1.276867.2813 not possible

Hello everyone,

Even after several attempts, I can not get my updater Comodo firewall release version .2801 to .2813.

The update blocks with the attached screenshot. I tried several times :-\ I can not close this window :-\

Your comments are welcome :wink:

EDIT : for my … Windows 8 Pro x64
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Hi SwissSteph,
Have you tried rebooting the system and try again?

Hi captainsticks,

(Sorry for my bad english …) …yes I rebooted and and retry update … same result :-\

No sorry required and besides your English is fine. :-TU

I am not sure why this is happening, let us hope someone comes up with some helpful ideas for you.

Edit: Just an after thought, do you have any other security applications?

Ok, thank you … :a0

When in doubt, I even left with a "Acronis’ image of my windows (Windows 8 Pro) … and redo a test update. I always get the same result, the update blocks in the same state (see my screenshot).

I remain available whether to further tests :slight_smile:

Try a different screen resolution on your display to see if that doesn’t do something.

after a simple restart of the computer, the windows disappear … but still impossible to update

Same problem here

I re-booted, asked it to update by clicking the manual update button, the update then downloaded and installed properly, but I had exactly the same screen.

It does though leave me with a doubt about the integrity of the update, i may do a clean install just to be sure .

I’m running Win 8, opened, update popup showed, thought about it then downloaded no problem…and so far no problems…go figure.

In my Win7 X64 is exactly the same problem:


??? :-\

;D :o Got exactly the same problem on Win7 32bit SP1… with no other AV/Protection,only CIS ( AV + FW + D+ + BB FV )

Exception is… when restarting windows it gave BSOD, with explanation that it caused by new hardware/drivers installed.
Win7’s self repair could not repair it. Must do system restore… >:(

I have had this screen when attempting to update from 6.0 to 6.1. Rebooting did not help. When I ran the updater later it worked. Just odd…

If regardless of what you try you cannot update you may want to just uninstall and reinstall the newer version. To do this please follow the advice I recommend in this topic.

:embarassed: same problem for me on Win7-x64, cannot close the empty (!) comodo warning window.
I will try later a manual download+install …

Same for me - but a reboot and second attempt worked OK.
Might be worth doing some sort of clean up before trying again!


What cleaning?

I tried several times, after several reboot … even after delivering a "Acronis’ own image … still same error.

My question is, how to save ALL changes made in Comodo before a complete reinstall?

I did a test and if I run the installer, it completely uninstalls and reinstalls my installed version completely from scratch … I lose ALL my favorite settings and rules :frowning: I put all my time to find good settings and did not want to have to find all … help!

What files should I backup to avoid losing a perfect setup that works very well ?

Things like CCleaner or Wise Care 365 - it might not make a difference but you never know!

OK … I did not test this idea. thank you (I’ll do a test tonight)


My Comodo Firewall tells me repeatedly there was an update available. Saying ok to install the update, the download starts. Shortly after downloading and starting the update procedure, there is only an empty Comodo messagebox with an orange exclamation mark visible (see attached image). No way to get rid of this. Restarting the notebook doesn’t resolve the problem either.

Anyone with the same issue?

Thank you

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