[resolved] MemTest & HDDScan

MemTest.exe (MemTest for Windows) - MemTest: RAM reliability tester for Windows - Comodo: Unclassified Malware[at]17259669
HDDScan.exe (HDScan) - http://hddscan.com/ - Comodo: Heur.Pck.ExeShield

What they are for:
MemTest is simply memory testing tool to fill memory.
HDDScan is low level hard drive diagnostic & modifier of low level Hard drive features.

COMODO Versions:
Program version: 3.9.95478.509
Database Sign: 1164

Adding Screenshot in attachment…

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Hi genetix,

We will have a look into it and get back to you if found.
Thankyou for reporting.

Thanks and regards,

Hi genetix,

Thankyou for your patience in reporting the false positive. We have fixed this reported false positive. Please update your AV to dbVersion 1167 and confirm.

Thanks and Regards,

This seems impossible as can’t update databases any longer for some reason.

Posting screenshots…

There’s no 3rd party firewalls, update worked before, tested also on Comodo down and manually from ‘cfpupdat.exe’.

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Database update problem solved. IE Auto proxy stuff for some reason interfear.

Problem on MemTest.exe & HDDScan solved.
COMODO Database 1168

I m using CIS 3.9.xxx.509 which is latest version, virus signature database is at 1168.
I was curious about your post so i downloaded these files myself and scanned them with CIS antivirus, there was no virus in both of them, but when i sent memtest.zip to virustotal.com 2 antivirus found virus in it u can see link below for more details. i m also submitting these files to comodo for further analyasis.
i downloaded HDDScan.zip and submitted it to www.virustotal.com
no virus found in it by comodo antivirus.

memtest.zip file also downloaded and submited to virustotal.com
no virus found in it by comodo antivirus.