[Resolved]Logoff locks up at "Saving your settings"

I’ve just installed CIS (version 5.3.174622.1216) on my XP (SP3) machine for the first time. The installation seems to have run without a hitch. However, whenever I log off, the computer hangs indefinitely at the “Saving your settings” message. I have to turn the computer off and on to regain control.

The first time I installed CIS, I also had SuperAntiSpyware installed. Thinking there might be a conflict, I uninstalled both. After the reboot I did a logon/logoff to make sure the problem went away. Then I installed CIS and the problem came back.

I am running the User Profile Hive Cleanup service.

I also installed CIS on my Vista laptop which runs it with no problem.

Hello AndyBern;

When you install CIS, Have you tried switching to training mode? then restarting/logging off?

Also is there any objects in the Defense+ Events?


The training mode before safe mode solved the problem, thanks!

Your Welcome;

Please make sure after loggin on and doing normal activites for about 5 minutes i would recommend to change back to safe mode;

Hope this helps


I’ll go ahead and lock this thread;
Reason: Issue Resolved