[Resolved]linux web server client of virutalbox

linux web server client of virutalbox

My box is windows 7 x64 and I installed virtualbox and made linux web server. So I neeed open 80 and 21, 22 port for linux vm.

Please let me know how to open these ports for virtualbox’s linux vm.

Just to be clear:

  1. You’re running linux in a VM
  2. You want to connect from the Windows 7 host to a web/ftp server on the linux VM?
  3. You’re running CIS on the Windows 7 host?

If the above is correct, you don’t need to create any additional firewall rules in CIS, beyond those you use for your browser and your ftp client. For simplicity, you can use the pre-defined browser rule. However, if you’ve chosen NAT as the network type for the VM, there are limitations which will make connectivity more difficult. In this case I’d suggest switching to Bridged mode. You’ll also have to make sure the firewall on the linux guest (iptables?) is correctly configured.

Radaghast/ Thanks a lot. Solved.