[Resolved]Is it possible for Cfw to automatically make specific fw rules?

like Outpost fw? (see link)


Hello Peace;

If you want CIS to automatically create rules for Safe Applications then there is no reason to modify the settings in CIS but if you want to be alerted to make a decision whether or not to allow a application to connect to the internet the follow the instructions below

If you set CIS to Custom Policy Mode (Right Click CIS Icon > Firewall Security Mode > Custom Policy Mode) This will stop CIS From making rules for safe applications

Once you start an app and if it wants to connect to the net; you’ll be prompt with an alert

You may want to read Comodo Help

Hope this helps


Hi Mr Jacob and thank you for the reply.
I was basically wondering (and hoping) if CFW could automatically make specific rules (specific port and address and not rules like “allow outgoing HTTP…” or “allow outgoing DNS…”) like the OFW but afaik now, it has to be done manually (specific port and address).

It’ doesnt have to be;

Keep in Safe Mode and Go To CIS > Firewall > Firewall Behavior Settings > Alert Settings > Medium(TCP and UDP Ports) OR High(Every Port) OR Very High (Every IP)

and then > General Settings > Create Rules for Safe Application (Make sure its checked)

Hope this helps


That’s cool, I didn’t know Comodo could do that. Great for troubleshooting…


Your Welcome

I’ll go ahead and close this thread;