[Resolved] In Kiosk -> IE OK and Firefox 19.0.1 no OK !?


I run “kiosk” (3-4 seconds!) Is very fast for launch

I can launch IE (but not network access … the hourglass is running non-stop) … I can not launch Firefox (19.0.1)

Firefox is started (visible) in “Killswitch” (in full virtualised mode) … but is not running in “kiosk”. Do you have any idea how to “fix” this problem (bug?)

What can I do as a test to advance the solution?

Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

EDIT: with “Comodo Dragon” … all OK ! launch + network access ???

CIS version: 6.0.264710.2708
OS version: Windows 8 x64 / SSD drive / Avast 8 free

Installation (setup) Firefox 19.0.1 in “kiosk” → OK … but Firefox does not work (it does not start)

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I have Avast 8 Free/Comodo Firewall 2708/Firefox 19.01/Win8 x64 Pro.
i launched virtual kiosk and have no problems surfing with firefox 19.01 in it.I can’t reproduce your problem on two PC’s.
But I don not have the Avast 8 Behavior shield enabled, And i have the Avast 8 auto sandboxing disabled.
Are you saying you are installing firefox in the kiosk?

Thanks you for all …

The solution (thank you DrHaze) is to add the following settings in the configuration of Avast 8. Then “Firefox” and “IE” work perfectly in “kiosk” :smiley:

EDIT : link for help Avast/Comodo and behavior shield

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I have a very bad english (I translate my texts with google) … if you want feel free to edit my post and change what is not appropriate. I do not understand what you want me to do exactly. If you want me answer “PM” so do not hesitate.

I found a solution that works put, “Comodo 6” is not guilty … but if mixed with “Avast” … there are some small problems.

Thank you all for your help. I remain at your disposal if needed … and again I apologize for my English problem

It appears to me that this issue is actually a slight incompatibility between the two software. I believe you would probably have found that adding all the files of CIS to the exclusions of Avast, and all of Avast’s to the exclusion of Comodo would have also solved the problem.

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Thank you.

Thank you for all :azn: