[Resolved]how can i stop constant updater pop-ups?

a few days ago i got a second Comodo icon in tray and pop-up, asking if i wanted to update to new version. this is cis free, version 5.3…
i updated.
now about 10 or more times a day i get same icon/pop-up asking if i want to update to the version i am already using.
I have updated!
how can i stop this very annoying pop-up. i have ignored it, clicked no. etc etc etc.
it goes away after a minute or two, but then returns later.
why is it asking me to update to a version i am already using???
help gratefully received.

I would a complete uninstallation of CIS and then use this batch file to clean up the remains after you restarted,
then try to install CIS (Download from www.personalfirewall.comodo.com )
and then see the problem persists

Batch File


thank you for your reply, jake…

…tedious to have to uninstall, clean etc. etc. something that was working fine before that updater appeared.

i was hoping there might be an easier fix.

thanks though.


You could disable ‘check for updates automatically’
CIS > More > Pref


You could also run Diagnostics to see if it founds the problem.

thanks, jake. i’ll try that first.
i originally thought that box had to be ticked for anti-virus updates to be added, but i guess it’s just for new versions of comodo (?)

thanks, deadman. if the above doesn’t work, i’ll try that.

jake, your disabling “check for updates automatically” did the trick.
thanks very much for your help.

Don’t forget to manually check for updates from time to time. :wink:

Oh Yes! Please remember to check for updates from time to time,

You could also try to reinstall CIS (This sometimes works too)