[RESOLVED] *** Help with OLE, please. ***

At first, sorry for my English.

I have big problems to setup OLE rules in CPF. I will figure it only on one example, but there are many other examples on my system.

I have TV Card Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 that use WinTV software for watching TV. WinTV wants to comunicate with inet, but I do not allow it and block WinTV. Now WinTV trys to use iexplore.exe or opera.exe and so on trough OLE (hcwhook.dll). When I block this OLE object, connection is blocked for all my system.
My BlueTooth stack wants also communicate with inet from time to time trough another aplication. I can give here a lot of other examples.

In simplicity I cannot block any OLE inet communication not to block whole system. I do not want to allow some aplications to communicatie with inet.

What to do? Pleas help.
Thank you.

Surely you should not block the OLE (system-wide hook), but the parent/child relation TV Card wants to establish with your browsers or with any other Internet applications. Same goes for your BlueTooth stack, which wants to communicate through other applications. Of course the main application (TV Card, Blue Tooth) itself should be blocked first.

Security - Tasks - Define a new banned application. Browse for the application that you don’t want to grant any Internet acces rights, but don’t define any parent. Click ‘OK’. You could go further by defining your browsers or any other of your Internet applications here (players, for example) with TVCard as the parent.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Thank you. It seems you helped me. :slight_smile:

Kuko, can you or I change the subject line to resolved?
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Thanks! (:CLP)