[Resolved]General settings - adaptive mode?

Hi can some one please explain this new setting as it doesn’t seem to be on the help pages (yet).


It’s aka “Low Memory” Mode;

From Egemen https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/comodo-internet-security-531746221216-released-t67084.0.html;msg472906#msg472906

In a heavily loaded system, low memory conditions might cause some CIS functions to fail. This almost NEVER happens. In suh a case, CIS tries to find some memory by using adaptive techniques. However, the cost is reduced performance and response in even lightly loaded systems.

Previous CIS releases always had this enabled. Now it is optional and disabled by default. Only there for proactive security configuration, for infested systems.

You will probably not observe any difference.

Hope this helps


Ok I was thinking it was somthing like that, I was just worried it was possibly some kind of reduced usage by CIS that would leave my system vulnerable if some malware was using 100% cpu.

Thank you for your reply!

Oh no; malware still cant get through :smiley:

Your welcome,