[Resolved] GeekBuddy

Is not being allowed to connect to servers

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Can you give us more information; this doesn’t give us much to go on. What OS do you have, what security software and other information that you find related to this topic.

Do you have any special question. or did you just want to know why there isn’t any connect to the servers?

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Valentin N


Do you have CIS Installed? if So What Version?

Can you do me a favor? Can you try to uninstall geekbuddy
Start > Run > “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO GeekBuddy\uninstall.exe” without the “”
and hit enter

Then Restart, Then Download Geekbuddy using this link Here

Once you have it installed; Open it up by double clicking on the icon on your taskbar (Bottom right of your screen).

Did this solve your issue?


All fixed before your replys. Thanks and a Happy New Year to all

Alright Thanks For Reporting Back :slight_smile: