[Resolved]Geek Buddy Not Connecting

Geekbuddy is just saying
“Please wait-your support is being processed. A GeekBuddy operator will be in contact shortly.
Connected to server. Waiting for operator…” It has been saying this all day every time i attempt to open geek buddy. The operator wont connect even after i have waited 10minutes. Is this a problem that is currently being solved in geek buddy? Or is it just me. It was working fine earlier.

Hello; Could you uninstall/ and reinstall, and try again?


Umm yea can you give me the exact link since i got it with CIS? Its the 60 trial one

Ok; http://download.comodo.com/lps/download/client/geekbuddy/gb_setup_3.1.170563.30.exe

Thats the current version (from the website)

Hope this helps


I resolved my problem. I dont know what was wrong with it. I just restarted my computer and it fixed it.

Ok; Thanks for reporting back