[Resolved]Free Firewall - am I up to date?


I’m using Comodo Firewall 5.0.16 - the most basic, free release.
For about a week or so I was being notified that there is a new version out and I should update. I had some issues during my previous update so I waited till now to have some time in case of any difficulties.

I’ve displayed myself the changelog (“click for detains” in the update window) and I’ve chosen to satrt the update process. A blank window with only “ok” button appeared, I clicked “ok” and this was all…

Is my firewall up to date? It’s version is 5.0.16 as stated above. Automatic “Check for updates” tells me that I’m up to date but a moment ago I was reading about version 5.3 and I was being notified for about a week about it.

My OS is W7 x86 Ultimate PL

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here is the laterst version CIS 5.3 this update will come next time so you can wait.

In case you don’t want to wait use CIS clean up tool in safe mode(this you do through pressing F8 when the computer boots) after you have uninstalled CIS. Now install CI5.3

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Thanks, I do not have a strong need for update. I was just wondering if everything is ok with my firewall.

I’m more than happy with what I’ve got now so problem’s solved :slight_smile:

The update may have been TVL Update;
The 5.3 Update hasn’t been applied Yet

I’ll go ahead and close this thread;
Reason: Issue Resolved

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