[Resolved] Firewall

I started using your Firewall with the “Proactive Security” setting. I’m using Norton Anti-Virus but will change to CIS soon as the my subscription runs out… I was wondering should I set your firewall to " Firewall Security" instead of the “Proactive” setting?
The Proactive setting is working ok ,flagging inbound and outbound traffic and sandboxing unfamiliar downloads…etc.
Question is that should I leave as is or change to “Firewall” ? Does it make any difference and does the firewall recognize that I’m not using COMODO antiVirus?

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Please See Here > Comodo Help <

You can leave it as it is; It doesnt make any difference if you have CAV installed or not.

Did this solve your question?

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Thanks, that helped me out. I was trying out COMODO’s firewall to see if it would work ok, so far it’s great :-TU My previous firewall did ok but my system seemed slower and I would get the “Blue Sceen” every week ??? So I switched, so far so good…


Thats great news to hear! :slight_smile:

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