[RESOLVED] Firefox sandboxed, how do I get stuff out of it?

Here with a PC running CIS 5.016…1135 and FF 3.6.13 sandboxed. User has been trying to save a rolling PDF that is now a few days old and so is no longer available from the website in question. He hasn’t yet been able to find a way that works because every application launched by the ‘partially limited’ FF is also ‘partially limited’ so that no actual file is created. I have suggested workarounds e.g screen capture but how do we get the document out of the sandbox?

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I’d advise not running firefox as partially limited. If you do this then only unknown applications downloaded from the internet will be sandboxed, and they won’t be virtualized.

Comodo Sandbox is not meant for this. If you want something like that, use Sandboxie.


I have looked at the applications that are sandboxed.

This how you remove applications that are sandboxed. CIS —> Defense+ —> Computer Security Policy —> Always sandbox —> Remove.

CIS —> Summary —>_ Application(s) currently running in the sandbox. there you have to see what options you have.


That isn’t what the poster is asking.

With an application like Sandboxie, if you download something while your browser is sandboxed, you have the option to recover those files from the sandbox so they may be used outside your sandboxed environment.

This is what he wants to do with the sandbox in Comodo. Downloaded files will not show up in the Always Sandbox list.

Unfortunate, I’ve only tinkered with the Comodo sandbox a tiny bit, so I don’t know how this can be accomplished. I believe the sandboxed applications hang out in Vritual Root, (this is going from memory of something I read back when the sandbox was introduced, so it may be incorrect) perhaps the files are sitting there an can either be moved, or at least copied.

Thanks HeffeD. Problem solved.
‘C:\VritualRoot’ is the place. (I was looking for something starting with a symbol so as to place it at the beginning of the alphabet).

Thanks for correcting me HeffeD and pc-peter I am sorry for giving you misleading information.