[Resolved]EasyVPN CPU usage around 50%

As using easy vpn CPU usage is around 50 %. The problem start only when i login to easyvpn.
The previous version also having the problem and i also try the latest version it has also the same CPU usage problem.

os xp sp3

Hello Paroh;

can you also list your RAM/CPU Specifications?


Processor Pentium 4 3Ghz
Ram 2.5GB DDr2

Is this a first time or upgrade installation? If it is an upgrade please try a clean installation.

Problem solved Comodo vpn is conflicting with AtomicAlarmClock (Trial version) so i unistalled Atomic Alarm clock now Comodo vpn is not using 50% cpu. Now every think is normal.

one think there is a serive name AppShareService.exe running and this service is in the
C:\Program Files\COMODO\EasyVPN is this ok?

Yes; That is fine;


Thanks Topic can be closed now

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Issue is Resolved