[Resolved] Defense+ Advanced Setting

I have a question about an advanced setting in Defense+. Running Windows Vista Ultimate, I have been setting Defense+ / Advanced / Predefined Security Policies / Windows System Application / Protection Settings / Interprocess Memory Accesses to ‘Yes’. ‘No’ is the default. After changing this setting to ‘Yes’, several executables have to be added to Exceptions to allow applications such as Windows Explorer, Control Panel, Windows Update, regedit, System Restore, and the Windows Install Clean Up utility to open and run.

Since Comodo System Cleaner 1.0.616 Beta has been released with the ability to create a System Restore point before cleaning disk files, I cannot find what specific executables to add to allow CSC Disk Cleaner to create this System Restore point. Adding rstrui.exe and SystemPropertiesProtection.exe to Exceptions allows a restore point to be created from within System Properties, but adding these two files to Exceptions does not allow CSC to create the system restore point. A message pops up stating “Cannot create restore point! The System Restore service might not be running! Do you still wish to continue with cleaning process?” So there must be at least one additional executable that needs to be added to Exceptions for CSC to be allowed to create the restore point. Does anyone have any idea what additional executable(s) need to be added? The File Group ‘Executables’ can be added to Exceptions, which will allow CSC to create a restore point, but I don’t want to add ALL executable to ‘Exclusions’, only the specific ones that are needed to allow CSC to create a restore point before cleaning the files it finds.

I found the answer. It is the Comodo Disk Cleaner executable: CDC.exe in C:\Program Files\Comodo\System Cleaner. When rstrui.exe, SystemPropertiesProtection.exe and CDC.exe are all added to Exceptions then the restore point can be created from within Comodo Disk Cleaner before the file deletion is performed.

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