[Resolved]Defence+ blocks laptop touchpad

Hi guys,
i would be very glad if someone could help me:

i turned defence+ on paranoid. now it blocks synaptics (my softwear for the touchpad). i have accepted in the configurations the programm as a friendly one, but defence is asking to allow actions of the programm (there for i turned on paranoid… :wink: ). but when the touchpad is blocked i cant accept the action of this programm and every second minute my cursor is frozen and i have to wait till the alert hides again befor it rices again… very stupid and i had to turn of the paranoid mode…

Same thing happened to me. You can use Tab and Space on your keyboard to answer the alert.

do you have this application added in d+?

does it help if you switch from paranoide to safe mode?

Valentin N

@deadman: TAP + Space doesnt help: it only acts inside of the browser.

@ valentin: yes, the application is added in defence+ and yes it helps to switch from paranoid in the safe mode.

You can use Training Mode for a couple of minutes, so D+ will learn the behavior and then you switch back on the Paranoid Mode.

You only other choice is to check the Defense+ logs, then enter the rule manually.

Yes it would be nice if we could add from logs :slight_smile:


thanks. now it works! ;D

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread
Reason: Issue Resolved

Thanks to deadman for solving this one:D