[Resolved]Compatibility Issues with 3planesoft screensavers

Comodo Internet Security has issues with 3planesoft screensavers, will not display screensavers at all, the defense plus feature disables it by default. Issues still exist even after human modification have been made to firewall and defense plus settings. This includes editing policy, adding to trusted applications, etc. etc. None of the above instructions do not work, even after applying recommended fix. I have already talked about this issue via E-mail, which Comodo company says they are looking into, They also instructed me to post here for further examination of this particular issue.

I’m downloading to test a screensaver from 3planesoft;

Can you post your CIS version / confgiuration (Safe mode/ paranoid etc )and OS and Ram If possible



You’ll have to add
C:\Program Files\Koi Fish 3D Screensaver*
As Well As The ScreenSaver that you have choosen which should be in

Add these to exclusions inside Execution Control (CIS>Defense+>Defense Settings>Execution Control > Exclusions)

This should resolve your issue


I am using CIS version: 5.3.174622.1216
I am running: Windows 7 Home Edition 64-Bit
The amount of RAM being used is: 8 GB of RAM

I followed your instructions and added the directory and executable file in C:\Program Files (x86).….…
As for the *.scr/screensaver file in the System32 folder…There is nothing.

The way 3planesoft installs their screensavers, at least of my knowledge…It only installs to Program Files. Its not like a traditional screensaver that usually installs in the System32 folder.

Although I am very thankful for your reply, This did not resolve the issue.

Ok, nevermind…the *.scr file was located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 on my system.

I added the file, and now my screensavers work perfectly.

This has been resolved.


Your welcome (Sorry i didn’t notice that you had a 64 Bit OS)

Issue is resolved