Resolved: Comodo forums usage: how to see all my old messages

I can’t seem to find an option to view all my old messages. Even using search → advanced search, I have to come up with some search terms instead of just filling in my user name. I can’t believe there would be no option on these boards to just list all messages that I posted - I would think it should be one of top links somewhere… ? Am I blind?

Update: found my answer after poking around some more: Profile → Summary → Show Posts link on the left side.

Ha Ha!!
It’s really nice to see there is someone else who is as weird as I am!
I mean come on. Really??
Like, why on earth would anyone want to refer to a post they made earlier. What? Do you think anyone is going to want to see if anyone has responded to their inquiry? Do you think anyone would wonder if anyone had even read their thread? Or maybe the message didn’t get posted properly, that there was some type of technical glitch.
Well somebody is gonna say: “well, just type in the title of your thread and do a search” and consider they totally solved your problem and that you are stupid.
What, you don’t remember exactly what you wrote for a title three weeks ago???
And darn it! You don’t remember if you put a little checkmark in the “notify me of Replies” checkbox. May be you did and no one has deemed your post worthy of a reply. Or, maybe not.
OK, I’m sorry …
I just had to rant. It seems to me that common sense is definitely not so common.
I found your thread by searching “my old posts” because I am having the same problem you are having. It seems 99.8% of all the folks who set up tools on the internet (and often in life in general) for us to use, just assume that all the details on exactly how to use them are just common knowledge.
I see this everywhere; the internet, at work, at school … But mostly on the internet. I guess we’re from Neptune or Saturn. Definitely not even as close as Mars or Venus.
It seems that most people think like this, or rather don’t think like this.
As we say in the south: “Bless their hearts !”

Now, what’s too funny is, just for the sake of experiment, I’ll try to find this “thread” again in about two or three weeks, A: to see if anyone else, including the author of this, has responded to my rant (I’ll be amazed if he has even been able to find it unless he has had the foresight to bookmark the page), and B: to see if I can find it again (I confess I did bookmark it if I can’t find it by any other means).
Actually, I got somewhat close to an answer. Go to the top of the page and click on help, There, it directs you to some page on the software used to operate this forum (Simple Machines). Fish through that for a while, and you’ll find “How to view unread posts and replies”. There you will learn that there is a link just under your login name at the top right of the page (Show unread replies to your posts). That page will display any responses to your post. But good luck finding your post if no one has responded or if it doesn’t exist. You will not know which is the case.
Take solace knowing you are not alone

There are three things that are gonna make dying a lot easier: Pain, Taxes, and Stupid People.

God I love it when Murphy’s Law kick’s in full force.
I’d have never figured the question if i hadn’t ranted first and then clicked “Post”.
After doing that, I got an inspiration and went to the top of the page and clicked Profile - Summary.
Right under my user name is a link titled: “Show Posts”.
Bless My Heart