[RESOLVED] Comodo Firewall - problem adjusting FTP client

Hi there guys!
I’ve recently installed Comodo Internet Security suite and i’m very satisfied with it so far. There is just one problem. I can’t configure Comodo Firewall to allow me to use GUI ftp client - in this case - FreshFTP. I’ve tried using this forum’s search but couldn’t find the information i needed.

The problem:
FreshFTP successfully connects to the server (that’s what the command line says), but it doesn’t shows directory list on the server side of freshftp. Same happens with other ftp clients. I’ve added the application as trusted with the predefined FTP policy - nothing changes. When the firewall is off - everything works fine.

Screenshot of the current freshftp settings: http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/2245/comodofirewall.jpg

Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.

hello plamen,

Welcome to the forums!
I think you have used the stealth port wizard to “block all incoming connections”.

Your logon session is outgoing traffic to TCP port 21 and that’s working but if you issue an LS or DIR
it won’t show because that will open an other data channel to transfer that information over.
That channel get’s blocked by your global rules.

See here Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation for more information about tfp.

You need to use Passive FTP in this case to let the client do all the session initiation.

You can switch your windows ftp command line client with the following option, once logged in to the server type:


That should work.

That was fast.
Thanks, Ronny! I’ve enabled passive mode and everything works fine! Now I should prepend “[RESOLVED]” to the title of the topic. :slight_smile:


:-TU very well done :smiley: solved within 15 minutes :wink: