[Resolved] Comodo Dragon Desktop Shortcut

:)Hi Guys,

Not sure if this is the right Forum for this issue ??? I have a clean, fully updated install of Windows 7 32 bit. Then installed, CPM - then CSC - then CD - then CEVPN - then CIS and finally SKYPE.

Now everytime I create a desktop shortcut for Comodo Dragon each time I switch on my laptop the shortcut has been removed, but a shortcut for Skype remains on the desktop ???

Has any-one else had a similar problem ? or is this a known bug?

Have now installed Lotus Symphony, and it created a desktop shortcut and that has now disappeared ???

If this is CSC removing desktop shortcuts, how do I stop it so that I have the shortcuts I want :cry:


We've found that this problem is caused by CSC. We've fixed it, and it will be resolved in the next release. 


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the reply :-TU

Keep up the great work :rocks: