[RESOLVED] CMS - comodo.com.pimsecure stopped unexpectedly

I’ve previously been having CMS crashing randomly on my ZTE Blade Android 2.3.5 phone. After much testing, resetting the phone it turned out that the cause of the issue was my default wallpaper. I have an Orange Network phone. The default wallpaper is an image of some rusty stone. Anyway, the image turned out to be quite high resolution. Switching it out for one of the lower rez graphic images seemed to fix the issue. I also hadn’t realized my podcast manager had been putting all the downloads etc into the SD Card /Android directory where there rest of your SD card app data is held. Changing this directory also sped up my android system.

So if your having this issue, try changing your wallpaper to a lower resolution one and check that your /android folder on your SD card size isn’t multiple gigabytes like mine was.