[Resolved]CIS 5.3 & K9 Web Protection


I worked in the past with Blue Coat K9 Web Protection (parental filter) and Comodo without any problem.
I do not remember the version of Comodo.

I am now using CIS 5.3 and I reinstalled Blue Coat K9. After this installation, my internet connection (with Explorer 8.0) was extremely slow that I had to uninstall K9.

On their website (http://www1.k9webprotection.com/aboutk9/product-features), I found that K9 Web Protection is nonetheless compatible with Comodo …

Are you aware about an incompatibility between the 2 products? Do I have to configure something in CIS (I found no Firewall nor defense+ alerts in the log).

Thanks for your feedback.


Hope they take a look.
K9 is indeed a quite good content filter.


I’m currently running CIS 5.3 and No Conflicts of IE 8/9 Firefox or Dragon(Chrome)

I’ve added K9Filter.exe as trusted application both in firewall/defense+ policies;

Hope this shines a light on your issue :slight_smile:


I add K9filter.exe as trusted in firewall and defense + and tried it again but without success …
I received always “K9 Web Protection not responding”.

Perhaps adding it to the exclusions list under “Execution Control Settings” would help.

I tried again but same results.
After some new investigation, I found that the problem does’nt come from Comodo but from tha Webguard of Avira. I use CIS and Avira Antivir Premium Together.
This topic can be closed.
Thanks !