[RESOLVED] BOClean: single copy, multiple personal computers

My paid copy of BOClean 4.22 is installed on my two home computers: one with Windows XP Pro and one with Windows 98SE. How long will version 4.22 be supported? Does 4.23 work on Windows 98SE?

Installation in multiple personal computers of the same copy of BOClean 4.22 was allowed.

The EULA for Comodo-BOClean 4.23 states that it must be installed on a single computer; must I download a separate copy for each machine (see pertinent EULA quote below) now? If and when upgrade is forced?

Comodo grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and use Comodo BOClean™, including any documentation files or website information accompanying it (collectively, the "Program"), on a single personal computer and to make one backup copy of the Program, provided that: (i) the Program is installed on only one personal computer; (ii) the Program is NOT modified in any manner; (iii) all copyright and proprietary notices or labels are maintained on the Program in their original format; and (iv) you agree to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement.


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Good questions, I’ll keep an eye on it and see if we can get them included in the FAQ once answered.

Comodo likes to know (since their software is free) how many copies are in existence. Thus, they ask for separate downloads, installation, and registration. # of downloads itself is not indicative of usage; lots of folks download stuff but never install it. Thus, they ask for a registration as well, simply to let them know that a version was installed, to get some rough idea of usage.

Since it’s all for free, downloading to each computer wouldn’t seem to be a big issue (unless you’re on dial-up, or using a tin-can & string…). In the past, when they used activation codes, they did not object to codes being reused, although they preferred single-use; eventually, the codes would cease to function and the user would have to request a new one (after a certain # of uses of that code).

Although I cannot speak for Comodo (Melih, oh Melih! Where are you?), I feel confident that this shouldn’t be something to be too concerned about. The software is free.

I do not know at what point 4.22 will cease to be supported. I saw in the release notes (which could’ve been from an earlier version, too) that something like 4.11 or that era was no longer supported. It is only logical that it will be dropped at some point, but I don’t know when… Hopefully they will get all the Win98 and Vista issues resolved quickly.


Thanks LM… did an excellent job in explaining…

Yep, you can pretty much download one copy and use it in different machines etc…

In future (hopefully not too distant) we will have a centrally managed versions of our desktop security products. this way it will be much easier to manage multiple copies…


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